About Divya


I’m a thoughtful ambitious explorer of life and my curious mind. I appreciate every moment of life and the possibilities it offers.

Spending vast amount of time tweaking around a lot of unused belongings, fixing things that are broken, and breaking things that were already fixed, life hinted I may be an Engineer. And after spending too much time at the computer, and 3 years later, a degree in Computer Engineering came my way.

And for that occasion and hard work, I gifted myself my first digital camera. And since then, I have been experimenting and enjoying various types of photography and have grown to be a combination of an engineering mind and of a creative. I am most fascinated in using art whether it’s film or photography to tell stories and sharing them with the rest of the world.


Though I have always appreciated the simple little things in life, looking at life through the lens only makes me appreciate it even more. The simple fact that I am alive and that I still have my five senses everyday is a joy in itself. I believe our ability to feel and think is our greatest gift. I enjoy learning new things and making small discoveries whether they are just self-discoveries or something more useful for the world, I don’t yet know. I am also a huge believer in giving back, and ultimately, it’s what makes me happy.


I spend a large chunk of my time watching movies, and listening to music from around the world. I absolutely love observing, learning and meeting new people from around the world and learning new things each day. I am a traveler and explorer at heart. I am a composition of the people and things that inspire me. Movies, and Music play quite a phenomenal role in the way I feel about life and they are often a source of inspiration for me next to my own experiences and that of others.


Here’s some of my favorite movies from different genres.


When it comes to movies, I admire the work that goes into creating a sci-fi and fantasy movie, but who doesn’t like a great story – so I like selected action, drama, comedy, romance, and animated movies. I have also been lucky enough to get a glimpse of some great movies from around the world. Out of the many that I have seen, the ones below will always be unforgettable. They introduced me to a world I didn’t know and provided me with not only entertainment, but have taught me something new either about the culture of the country the film originated from, cinematography, or the gift of story-telling.



Likes: creating, meeting people from around the world, open-mindedness, a good sense of humor, honesty, outdoors, learning, music and movies from around the world, traveling, and of-course, cameras and cool gadgets
Dislikes: Lies, and angry people
Active Interests: Travel, Write, Shoot, Design, Create, Learn :)


I am currently based in Chicago and in plans of establishing a warmer area as my second home. But feel free to leave me a quick message if you are around this area.

You can also reach me at or get updates on my work through the following networks.


Looking for a photographer? Let me know who you are and what your needs are. I get excited to shoot just about anything that catches my eye – ranging from portraits to travel.

Are you in the creative business? Do you write, sketch, design, shoot, record, film, produce or do anything else creative? If so, I had love to hear about your experience and adventures and keep you in mind for current and future collaborations.

Are you a traveler? Adventurer? Maybe we will cross paths one day somewhere in the world. So, why not just say hi before-hand. I am always up for a good cup of coffee/tea and an interesting conversation wherever I am.

Or if you are a lover of life, or a fan of photography or arts, or just want to say hi…

Then you should.. I love to hear from you.